Basic Education


    Our pre-school program stresses the importance of intellectual, physical, and socio-emotional development of each child. We take a “hands on”, personalized approach to teaching and learning as each child is unique and may learn differently from other kids. 

Pre-School Programs:

Nursery – 3 years old

Kinder 1 – 4 years old

Kinder 2 – 5 years old



Grades 1-6

   The elementary school academic program, which offers Grades 1 – 6, is fully recognized by the Department of Education. In S.Y. 2012-2013, the elementary school started implementing the K-12 curriculum. It aims to provide foundational knowledge in reading, writing and math, as well as develop skills, attitudes, and values essential to a child’s total development. It also promotes child’s love for God, family, and nation, including its heritage and its people.   

Junior High School

   The junior high school academic program adheres to the DepEd prescribed K-12 curriculum. It offers grade levels 7 – 10 (which is the equivalent of 1st to 4th year high school). 

   The junior high school’s emphasis is to further develop higher level thinking of students as applied to decision-making, analytical thinking, and creative expression. It also seeks to inculcate desirable characters and values among students in order to promote a keen sense of self, family, community and faith in God.