College of Hospitality Management


     The mission of the  Hospitality Management  program is to prepare students to be hospitality leaders in meeting the needs of the local and global service-oriented industry through superior education with adequate practical applications. 


    The Hospitality Management program of TFVC will  be recognized as a major provider of graduates who are competitive in the global hospitality industry through extensive skills training both in school and through industry partnerships. 


1. To engage faculty and students across the curriculum making them partners in contributing to a more sustainable service-oriented industry. 

2. To provide students with exceptional learning experiences to develop skills and competencies in various areas of hotel, resort, and restaurant operations. 

3. To establish partnerships with local and global companies for student apprenticeship training. 

4. To inculcate habits of discipline, courtesy, hard work and service among students with a desire to engage in life-long learning. 

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

The BSHRM program of TFVC combines a broad range of knowledge and competencies that will prepare students in becoming professionals in the hotel, restaurant, tourism or other service-oriented industry. The program integrates a comprehensive mix of courses, with adequate practical learning exposures to train students to be at the forefront of hospitality management.

Career Opportunities for BSHRM Graduates

Entry Level Jobs: 

Housekeeping, Front Office Personnel, Bartender, Chef, Catering Services, Events Coordinator, Management Trainee in a Hotel, Resort or Restaurant, Travel Agency  Account Executive, Mall Operations

Advanced Positions:

Hotel Manager, Restaurant General Manager, Director of Housekeeping, Executive Chef, Events Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Entrepreneurial Opportunities

BSHRM Curriculum

1st YEAR


GE 105Purposive Communication3
GE 104Mathematics in the Modern World3
THC 105Macro Perspective of Tourism & Hosp.3
THC 102Risk Management as Applied in S.S.S.3
HPC 101Kitchen Essentials & Basic Food Prep.3
FIL 101Kontekstwalisadong Komunikasyon3
PE 101PE 12
GE 101Understanding Self3
CE 101The Gospels 1


GE 109Life & Works of Rizal3
THC 109Micro Perspective of Tourism & Hosp.3
CBM 1Operation Management3
HME 101Bread and Pastry3
HME 102Culinary Fundamentals with Lab3
FIL 102Filipino sa Ibat-ibang Disiplina3
PE 102PE 22
CE 102The Epistles1

2nd YEAR


GE 107Science, Technology & Society3
GE 110People & Earth’s Ecosystem3
HPC 105Supply Chain Management in HI3
HPC 104Applied Business Tools & Technologies3
THC 101Phil. Tourism, Geography & Culture3
GE 108Ethics3
PE103PE 32
CE103The Laws1


GE 112Philippine Popular Culture3
GE 106Art Appreciation3
PE 104PE 42
CE 104The Prophets1
GE 103The Contemporary World3
HPC 103Fundamentals in Lodging Operation3
HME 103Philippine Regional Cuisine3
HME 104Bar & Beverage Management3
HME 110Front Office Operation3
HME 111Accounting in Hospitality Industry3

3rd YEAR


GE 102Readings in Philippine History3
HPC102Fundamentals of Food Service Operation3
HME 105Food & Beverage Cost Control3
HME 106Catering Management3
THC 107Multicultural Diversity in the Workplace3
HPC 108Foreign Language 13
THC 106Professional Dev’t. & Applied Ethics3
THC 103Quality Service Mngt in Tourism & Hosp3


GE 111Phil. Indigenous Communities3
THC 108Tourism & Hospitality Marketing3
THC 110Entrepreneurship in Tourism & Hosp.3
HPC 107Ergonomics & Facilities Planning for HI3
HME 107Gastronomy3
CBM 2Strategic Management & TQM3
HPC 109Foreign Language 23
HME 108Recreation & Leisure Management3

4th YEAR


THC 104Legal Aspect in Tourism3
HPC 106Introduction to MICE3
HPC 110Research in Hospitality3
HME 109Asian Cuisine3


OJTPracticum (600 hours)6